While I work to create the perfect prosthesis, I want you to get the most out of the one you have now. If there's a problem - please contact me for help.


The following are issues not yet or only recently addressed in the handbook. 

Troubleshooting the Phase4




Pump is 'stuck'.

This means that something blocking the swim valve (most likely a bit of fluff or lint).

This is easy to fix:

Simply pull out the swim valve and remove whatever is blocking the air hole. Then put it back in place.


How to remove and put the swim valve back in place:

Hold the pump and plug (the harder part that the swim valve is connected to – see the diagrams in your handbook if you’re not sure) and pull it out. To put it back in, spit on it to make it slide easily, and then press it back into the hole in the plug. Contact me if you need more instructions.





Prosthesis is feeling stiff or hard

This is easy to fix by lubricating the inside of the prosthesis. Instructions are in the handbook you received with your prosthesis.

Note: when lubricated, the prosthesis feels and looks better, it's much more comfortable to wear. Keeping it lubricated also makes the skin last longer.


You can lubricate with aloe vera gel* or with many types of water based lubricants.


Important:  there are many types of water based lubes. Some leave a plastic layer or a hard crust when they dry out. If you want to lubricate with water based lube, rather than with aloe vera gel, test your lube first.


To see if your water based lube is ok to lubricate your prosthesis:

Pour a bit of lube out of its container and wait a day or two for it to dry. If the residue is soft, the lube should be safe for your prosthesis.


Note: the lubricant (water based lube or aloe vera gel) dries when the water evaporates. Most of the time, all you need to do is ad a bit of water, not more lube.


Remember:  don't use anything except water based lube or aloe very gel to lubricate your prosthesis. Oil or silicone based products can damage the prosthesis.


 *Aloe vera gel is sold in pharmacies. It is sold as ‚after sun’ or general skin care. 98% pure is what I use. (100% pure does not contain any preservatives – so not recommended to lubricate the prosthesis).


Pumping and valve release


First, be sure you have found the exit valve and practiced so you find it easy to release the erection.


After that, feel free to pump to a healthy erection - so it is hard, but still able to bend. In the handbook I warn against over-pumping…but I don't want you to under-pump - contact me if you're unsure.


Note:  If you've pumped a lot and it's hard to release the valve, one more quick pump can help you release the valve.  Mainly though:  be patient, relax, find the spot and press lightly to release.



The skin


Fear of "seam ripping"


The seam you see is from the outer form. It is a seam mark, not a seam in the skin.  The skin is one single piece of silicone, the 'seam' doesn't look good, but it is not a weak spot.*



Marks on the skin


I photograph and take notes of each skin in order to monitor them. I've been doing that for years - and have developed a very good sense of what to fix and how to prevent problems. I see and remove all weak spots before posting each prosthesis, and record any spots which I want to monitor. If you're worried about something - please contact me.*



*Note:   This is a project - the design is constantly changing - I am always making new forms - the skins have inconsistencies, marks and seam lines because the forms are not yet permanent. One day in the future, the forms will be permanent and perfect - for now - that is far too expensive.



Bit sticky after washing


The skin of the prosthesis can get a bit sticky after washing several times. The stick will usually go away after wearing, but you can also powder it if you want to*. Just a little bit is needed to remove any stick - the powder will be absorbed by the silicone.


*Important:  If you attach the prosthesis with adhesive, don't powder the attachment plate.





Keep sharing your suggestions ideas and wishes - I'll keep designing.

And please keep sharing problems so that I know to fix them / can update the handbook / ad to this troubleshooting page.