Recent Design Updates

What am I working on right now?

I'm currently satisfied with function of the project prosthesis (the Phase4)... and now working on

  • new skin form system so there will be less visible seams and blemishes on the skin
  • softer flaccid state - streamlining internal parts -- my goal is to make it as soft as the t2 Simple
  • improved colouring at erection (subtleties and details)

Changes to the Phase4 design since November 2016 = since begin of Phase4


  • Penis shaft insides are smaller and softer (Now the inside parts stay in the penis when flaccid, you don’t need to move the parts into the scrotum)
  • plate edge is slightly narrower, thinner and flatter
  • Improved placement of the band holes – (Now it is easier to attach, and hair camouflages the plate better)
  • swim valve is more efficient  (easier pumping, and easier to open and close)
  • connection of pump to skin is re-designed (it’s easy to re-connect them now)



t2 Simple updates

  • They are now one size only and all include the connection for the STP.
  • Improvements to the band connections and plate.
  • I updated the lube valve system, and
  • re-designed a few aspects to improve the general look as well as durability. (See t2 Simple)


Overview of Phase4 versus Phase3

Major changes since Phase3

  • There is now a hole through the penis shaft for use with an STP device. (You receive an improved version of the JetP. The Phase4 can also be used with many other STP devices).
  • The stimulation knob and the base of the penis will now stay firmly in place regardless of erection angle
  • Achieving and keeping full length at erection is now simple and uncomplicated.
  • The flaccid state is now smaller and softer. (Erect sizing is the same as the Phase3).
  • In terms of durability, all problems reported during the Phase3 have been fixed (except, that which what I cannot fix:  soft silicone rubs down and develops holes over time.)

JetP Updates for the Phase4 and updated t2 Simple prostheses

  • The ‚catch’ edges of the new JetP are larger and the hole is slightly smaller. This increases to seal area, making the JetP easier to place.
  • As always, you cut the JetP length to fit your body.
  • I have added a connection piece to make it easy to attach or remove the JetP quickly whenever you want to.