Recent Design Updates

The Phase4 is now available.


Complete updates will be here online soon.





The Phase4 is an all round improvement on the Phase3. Price, payment and order details remain the same.


Major changes

There is now a hole through the penis shaft for use with an STP device.

(You receive an improved version of the JetP. The Phase4 can also be used with many other STP devices).


The stimulation knob and the base of the penis will now stay firmly in place regardless of erection angle.


Achieving and keeping full length at erection is now simple and uncomplicated.


The flaccid state is now smaller and softer. (Erect sizing is the same as the Phase3).


In terms of durability, all problems reported during the Phase3 have been fixed (except, that which what I cannot fix:  soft silicone rubs down and develops holes over time.)

JetP Updates


The ‚catch’ edges of the new JetP are larger and the hole is slightly smaller. This increases to seal area, making the JetP easier to place.


As always, you cut the JetP length to fit your body.


I have added a connection piece to make it easy to attach or remove the JetP quickly whenever you want to.