I am accepting orders from within the EU.

Contact me for current wait-times. At time of updating this site: the wait has been relatively short (3-5 months).

Average wait after order

I organise orders into two groups

The first is for people have received a prosthesis from me in the past.

You should never have to wait longer than 4 months for your new prosthesis, if it is not your first one.

The second is for first time orders (people who have not received a prosthesis from me in the past). Average wait-time for the second group has been up to 10 months. When longer than 10 months, I stop accepting orders until I have caught up. 

Orders from beyond the EU - current system changes

Since the covid-19 pandemic, international postage has been unreliable and slow.

The prostheses are too valuable to risk loss in route, and because I need timely feedback and quick returns for repairs, I’m not taking orders from outside the EU at this time.

Currently I am accepting general orders from within the EU only.

If you are within the European Union, you can order a Phase4 prosthesis. (If you are outside of the EU, I cannot accept your order at this time.). When I’m ready to accept more international orders again, I will update this website.