What is the t2 prosthetics project?

I’m designing the perfect prosthesis/epithesis. For this I need feedback and funding.

So, I sell each version along the way – each “prototype”:  Currently the t2 Phase4.

This is what I do. I’ve been living from this work since 2007, and working intensely on this project since 2002.


The process

I make an individual prosthesis, and take notes for future changes. People send me feedback: ideas, thanks, frustrations. When parts break down I inspect, repair and learn what I need to change. I take all that and work it into design improvements.


History and Buildup

2002 I tested what was then considered the best prosthesis/epithesis available, one made by a professional prosthesist /anaplastologist. It did look good compared to the standard packer, it was relatively comfortable, and it could be attached to the body with adhesive. But it was nowhere near what I had been imagining.

I decided to learn methods of anaplastology, science and mechanics, and spent the next years experimenting.

By 2005, I began offering the Phase1:  A flaccid only prosthesis. It was very light, and soft and would squish in clothing and with body movements – making it easy to attach to the body with adhesive, and comfortable to wear.

By 2007, I introduced the Phase2 - the first prosthesis to include the erection pump - A very rough version of today’s Phase4.

Then came the years of adjustment and refining:  softer, subtler, attach to the body longer and stronger, to look feel and fall more naturally and to last and last as long as I can get them to.

That’s still happening.

The goal is to make the prostheses so practical so basic so simple that once you wear one, it’s so right, so secure and so durable that even the most critical wearer can relax and stop thinking about it all together…except when they want to.