Choose your pigment from the information here on this page.

If you’re inside the EU you can also use the pigment service (explained here below)

  • You choose one pigment. That will be the base colour of your prosthesis.  
  • I ad colouring around the head, scrotal sack, and the underside of the penis shaft, as well as internally for added depth. The skin is slightly translucent to allow this colour variation to show through in a natural fashion.
  • All colouring is in the silicone itself. It is not added on. It cannot flake or peel off. Over time, the colour may change due to contact with the oils in your skin, but it will continue to match your colouring.  


(If you ordered in the past, I have your choice on file.)

Photos and instructions to help you choose your pigment are further below on this page.

This photo is for overall reference only.  

How to choose your pigment

There are 12 to choose from.

The samples are marked A-L. You choose one letter.



Choose the best match.

You’re looking for the best “fit”

Not the exact colour of your skin.

Things to keep in mind


1. You have a lot of leeway with the colour for your prosthesis. Genitals are often darker and even a different colour than the surrounding skin.


2. Because of how light reflects, the prosthesis will look more like a part of your body, if it is a bit darker than the skin surrounding the prosthesis. It is better to choose too dark than too light.


3. Colours on screens, videos and photos vary. What you see on your screen will not be the exact colour.


4. You can always contact me for help.





The colour you choose will be the base colour for your prosthesis.


I ad red and blue to the scrotum and head.


For most, the scrotum and head are darker than the base colour.


For B and E, the scrotum is darker than the shaft and the head is lighter.


For all, The penis is darker when erect.





The following photos show the pigments arranged


From Light to Dark, and from


More Red (left) to more Yellow (right)



The pigments represent a full range of human skin colours – keep that in mind – how do your skin tones and shades compare with other peoples? How light, dark, how red, yellow?  


Consider different parts of your skin (thighs, arms (inner versus outer), nipples, genitals, variations in the palm of your hand). Look under different lighting (daylight, evening, inside – bright or dim lighting).

All 12 pigments arranged light to dark as well as from more red to more yellow (left to right).

The lightest pigments (D,K, G, and L) arranged the same way (each pigment sample is shown from the front and the back).

The 5 mid- pigments (F, J, A, I, and C) arranged the same way.

The 2 darkest pigments arranged (The B has more red. The E has more yellow).

Remember – several will look “right” for you, don’t go for perfection.

You want a good match, nothing exact.


Again, if you need help - contact me.


Pigment Service

This is for orders within the EU.

(there is no charge for the service – just the cost of postage to return the pigment set to me)

Pigment service Process

After you’ve ordered your prosthesis, I can mail you the pigment samples. 

You send me your choice via e-mail and send the samples back to me.

You pay to send the samples back to me. They weigh about 20 grams and fit into a regular envelope.