For your comfort and safety, please be aware of potential security checks, in particular, for airplane travel.

You may want to check your prosthesis with your luggage, so that security has no reason to check your genitals.

Please be aware that routines, rules and regulations differ by country and airport. A lot of information is not supplied to the public.

Relying on the rules and regulations being followed as written in publications for travelers may not be wise*.

If a security officer notices something non-biological on your body (your prosthesis) they may inspect it further. You may be required to show your prosthesis. You may be required to remove and allow inspection of your prosthesis.

If you do not comply with securities’ demands, you may not only loose your chance to fly, you may not be free to leave the airport.


Metal Detectors

There is no metal in the prostheses. There is nothing to set off a metal detector alarm.

To/ from and within the USA, you cannot fly without going through one of the following* (this may be the case in other countries as well):

Body Scanners

Many airports have separate security lines leading to the body scanner and to metal detectors. You may be able to choose your line. In many countries the scanner is rarely used, but please be prepared just in case you are chosen for extra security.

You may be selected for the body scanner. This may be because you look nervous or appear to be avoiding the body scanner. This may be due to profiling:   People experience increased scrutiny by security based on their colour, name, country of origin, destination, citizenship, and gender representation (deemed un-matching or undefined).

If you must go through a body scanner, and are wearing a prosthesis, expect security to see it. If they see it, expect them to inspect it.

You may have the option to 'opt out' of the body scanner (people do so for a variety of reasons: radiation, privacy etc…).


*In the USA, you do have the right to 'opt out' - you must say the words. When you 'opt out', you must agree to frisking (here below).


The prostheses are designed to feel realistic, but an agent at an airport who is allowed to touch your genitals may notice that it is not biological**.


*  There was an info page for feeling secure when going through security to from and in the USA. The link was  but it seems to have been removed from the TSA website.Please let me know if you find it or something similar, so I can link it here.

**To date no one has reported any problems when frisked, several instances have gone without issue.