There are 20 pigments to choose from.

The pigment service* is included in the price of each prosthesis.


*Pigment Service

After you’ve ordered your prosthesis, we mail you the pigment samples, and instructions to help you choose the best match.

The pigment samples being mailed to you is included in the service. You pay to send them back. They are packaged as a heavy letter and weigh less than 30 grams / 1 ounce.


  • The pigment you choose will be the base colour. There is additional colouring around the head, scrotal sack, and the underside of the penis shaft, as well as internally for added depth. The skin is slightly translucent to allow this colour variation to show through in a natural fashion.

  • All colouring is in the silicone itself. It is not added on. It cannot flake or peel off. Over time, the colour may change due to contact with the oils in your skin, but it will continue to match your colouring.
  • Each pigment shade was originally mixed with the input of people who tested the Phase2 posthesis. The are specifically blended for male genital prostheses.