Repairs – current system

I’m satisfied with the basic design.


Next step is increased durability. For that, I need specific feedback.


For prosthesis received as of December 2021*    

I will repair or replace broken internal parts for a set fee of 100Euro +VAT** during the 6-months following the 3 month guarantee.


(Internal parts are the pump and airshaft mechanism. The skin is external. For more about the skin, see here below ‘Damage to the skin’.Broken’ means that the prosthesis cannot be pumped to erection or hold an erection for a reasonable amount of time. This is an addition to the product guarantee and is under the conditions laid out at section 14. ‘3-month product guarantee’ in the ‘terms and conditions’ page of this website.)



The process

1.   E-mail me to report the problem.

I will then ask you some questions to be sure that the prosthesis needs repair (most problems are easy to solve by email). 


2. If the prosthesis needs repair, I’ll send you a payment request for the 100Euro +VAT, and the instructions for postage.


3. You pay me, and you mail me the prosthesis within the agreed timeframe and according to the postage instructions I sent you.


4. I send you a receipt for the payment and I let you know when I have received the prosthesis.


5. I repair and return the prosthesis asap***.





Damage to the skin


By internal parts, I mean the pump and airshaft mechanism, the skin is external.


Please contact me if a hole develops in the outer skin of your prosthesis. I need to know where holes develop so that I can adjust the design and get rid of weak spots.


I may be able to repair the hole in yours, but have to offer this on an individual basis.

Sometimes I can patch holes in the skin. Sometimes a patch is not possible, or will not hold****.





* I’ll update this page when things change. If you order a prosthesis while this information is on this website, your prosthesis has this extra 6 month repair clause.


**Postage is separate from the 100Euro fee. You pay for postage to me, and I pay for postage back to you.


***Repairs are always priority. Repairs usually take a few days. The time I need for the repair will be longer if I need to alter the design and not simply repair or replace the part. If I need more time, I will communicate that with you.


****How patchable a hole is depends on its size shape and position, but also on how much the prosthesis has been worn, and on the person who has been wearing it. Oils from skin alter the silicone after awhile. Keeping the prosthesis clean helps keep the silicone consistent, but the silicone is also affected by each individual persons chemical make-up.