t2 Simple Prosthesis

The t2 Simple is a flaccid prosthesis with a hole to connect an STP.

      compact and light, lubricated scrotum, extra soft and malleable.
(features in more detail here below and at comparison chart)

More Simples photos are at the end of this page.


Videos are in youtube. To view, please click on the following : 

t2 Simple April 2017 (pigment 8)

This is a design project  – the videos give you a general idea of how they look at the current stage.


Average wait after order

6 weeks



Prices are in EURO + tax where applicable

pigment service and postage are included in the price


I now make the one model only. All t2 Simple prostheses include the STP connection.



weight:   155g

Length:  9cm

Girth: 10cm



*Dimensions are approximate.

View from the back

showing attachment plate and lubrication valve.

The yellow arrow points to the connection hole for the STP. 

pigment shown here is G


  • the Simple prosthesis DOES NOT include the erection function. It is flaccid only. For the prosthesis with the erection pump see Phase4

  • the penis and head of the Simple is filled with a very soft silicone gel
  • The scrotum is internally lubricated:  the scrotum skin moves over the testicles for realism and comfort.

and, as with all current t2 prostheses, it can be used with an STP

the t2 Simple comes with a colour matched JetP and connection piece, and instructions for individual sizing and use. The prosthesis can also be used with other STP systems.

For information on the STP feature please see STP

  • The skin is made of super soft silicone
  • Designed to be attached to the body 24/7. see attachment methods
  • The penis hangs, flops and moves easily and realistically

  • And can be bent, squished, stretched, pulled and worn in any direction or angle
  • Complete (3D) individual silicone testicles in a thin lubricated scrotal sack
  • All materials are quality 100% non-toxic materials made for medical- NOT special FX- prostheses

  • No oils to interfere with the glue, no need to powder, and no materials can leak out.
  • Colour detailing is in the prosthesis, not added on: it cannot rub, peel, or flake off. pigments for details
  • Each is individually handmade and unique

  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Comes with the handbook for tips and instructions

More Photos

Pigment 1, pigment G, and pigment 8