No Hype policy

Because so many emotions are wrapped up with this type of prosthesis, I work to encourage sober thought and realistic expectations.

This website and the t2 order process are set-up to discourage impulse buying. I answer e-mails thoroughly and honestly. I don't advertise. That means: I decline all requests for "reviews" in exchange for prostheses and I do no social media posting. Photos and videos are basic:  meant to show, not to sell.

…. This used to be easy, but

So many companies are making prosthesis now, and all advertise (some with embarrassing exaggerations), and

While I’ve spend the past 2 years deep in my workshop working on the design and accepting only very few orders, it seems this project is no longer well known… 


If you recognise that there’s no similar prosthesis out there, and want to support my work, please spread the word.



To be clear on what I am offering and what not, please read

Section 1 of terms and conditions  'Project Concept'.

And be aware of the repair policy, and that the guarantee is no longer than 3-months. Details in terms and conditions