The Phase4 is now available.

I will update the site in detail soon. For a brief preview see Design Updates



t2 Phase3 Prosthesis

Please read section 1. 'Project Concept' in terms and conditions, contact me if you have questions

Average wait after order

6 months


1355€   one thousand three hundred and fifty-five EURO + tax where applicable

You receive a Phase3 prosthesis of the most up to date design, pigment service and postage are included in the price


weight:                         180 g             /        6.3 oz

Length flaccid:             12 cm            /        4.7 inches 

Length erect:               16.5 cm         /        6.5 inches

Girth flaccid:                10 cm            /        4 inches  

Girth erect:                  11 cm            /         4.5 inches

*all dimensions are approximate


Phase3 Videos are in U-tube. To view, please click on the following : 

t2 Phase3 March 2015

and to view an older stage of the design:     Phase3 January 2014


  • the Phase3 prosthesis DOES NOT include the STP function, therefore – despite the advances- is still called the Phase3
  • Erect when you want -no extra pieces or tools – no visible valves or contraptions. Just pump the right ball until the penis shaft reaches full length and desired hardness:  about 12 pumps / 12 seconds.

  • Gently squeeze the release valve in the shaft to release the erection. It is very difficult to pump or release by accident.

  • When erect, there is an integrated knob to increase physical sexual feeling for you. When flaccid the knob tucks away.  

  • Blue-green veins are seen and felt when erect, and not when flaccid

  • The glands (head) and the corpus spongiosum (thicker section along the underside of the penis) remain softer at erection for realism.

  • The entire prosthesis is internally lubricated:  the skin moves over the penis shaft and testicles for realism and comfort.



and, as with all t2 prostheses

  • Made of super soft silicone
  • Designed to be attached to the body 24/7. see attachment methods
  • The penis hangs, flops and moves easily and realistically

  • And can be bent, squished, stretched, pulled and worn in any direction or angle

  • Complete (3D) individual silicone testicles in a thin lubricated scrotal sack
  • All materials are quality 100% non-toxic materials made for medical- NOT special FX- prostheses

  • No oils to interfere with the glue, no need to powder, and no materials can leak out.
  • Colour detailing is in the prosthesis, not added on: it cannot rub, peel, or flake off. pigments for details
  • Each is individually handmade and unique

  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Comes with the handbook for tips and instructions


Photos of March 2015 stage