t2 Phase4 prosthesis

t2 prosthetics is creating the perfect prosthesis. What you see here is the current stage.

If you order a Phase4 prosthesis, you are a project collaborator - Your payment funds my design work, and you receive a sample of the most up to date model.


There is always a long wait-list. (lately about 10 months, shorter for those who already have a prosthesis)

Please order only if you are interested and willing to be part of the design project (ie: give constructive feedback, report problems, and be patient when something goes wrong).

More Phase4 photos are at the end of this page.

t2 Phase4:  flaccid and pump to erection, stimulation knob, hole to connect an STP

easy to pump to firm erection, and to release back to it's soft and comfortable flaccid state, lubricated skin ads to comfort durability and realism. (Outlined in more detail here below and at comparison chart)


Phase4 Videos are in Youtube. To view, please click on the following : 

t2 Phase4 April 2017 (pigment D)

t2 Phase4 April 2017 (pigment B)

This is a design project - the videos give you a general idea of how they look and function at the current stage.



Average wait after order

6 months


1355€   one thousand three hundred and fifty-five EURO + tax where applicable

You receive a Phase4 prosthesis of the most up to date design, pigment service and postage are included in the price


weight:                         160 g            

Length flaccid:             9 cm           

Length erect:               16 cm         

Girth flaccid:                10 cm          

Girth erect:                  11 cm         

*Dimensions are approximate, and

the Phase4 changes size according to how much air you've pumped.

View from the back

showing the attachment plate (1), the stimulation knob -tucked in at flaccid and out at erect positions- (2), the 'lubrication valve' (3), and the swim valve (4)

The connection hole for the STP is just below the stimulation knob.



  • Erect when you want -no extra pieces or tools – no visible valves or contraptions (when on the body). Just pump the right ball until the penis shaft reaches full length and desired hardness:  about 15 pumps / 10 seconds.

  • Gently squeeze the release valve in the shaft to release the erection. You can't pump or release by accident.

  • When erect, there is an integrated knob to increase physical sexual feeling for you. When flaccid the knob tucks out of the away.  

  • Blue-green veins are seen and felt when erect, and seen subtly when flaccid

  • The glands (head) and the corpus spongiosum (thicker section along the underside of the penis) remain softer at erection for realism.

  • The entire prosthesis is internally lubricated:  the skin moves over the penis shaft and testicles for realism and comfort.

  • The entire inside of the penis shaft hardens for the erection. The penis skin is pulled taunt and thin and remains able to slide over the erection. It feels very real. 


and, as with all current t2 prostheses, it can be used with an STP

The Phase4 prosthesis comes with a colour matched JetP, connection piece and instructions for individual sizing and use. The prosthesis is also compatible with other STP systems. 

For information on the STP feature please see STP


  • The skin is made of super soft silicone
  • Designed to be attached to the body 24/7. see attachment methods
  • The penis hangs, flops and moves easily and realistically

  • And can be bent, squished, stretched, pulled and worn in any direction or angle
  • Complete (3D) individual silicone testicles in a thin lubricated scrotal sack
  • All materials are quality 100% non-toxic materials made for medical- NOT special FX- prostheses

  • No oils to interfere with the glue, no need to powder, and no materials can leak out.
  • Colour detailing is in the prosthesis, not added on: it cannot rub, peel, or flake off. See pigments for details
  • Each is individually handmade and unique

  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Comes with the handbook for tips and instructions

More Photos


The light flaccid is pigment L, light erect is pigment D, the dark is pigment B.