Comparison Chart



t2 Simple

t2 Phase4




Length:  9cm

Girth:   10cm



*measurements are approximate


Length flaccid: 9cm

Length erect:  16cm


Girth flaccid: 10cm

Girth erect:    11cm


*measurements are approximate


Penis can be partially pumped = larger flaccid if you wish.



Approx. 145g

Approx. 145g



Average 2 months


Average 8 months. 

(If you have one already and want to replace it,  your wait-time is about 4 months.)




780 EURO

(deposit is the first 200Euro, paid at time of order)


1495 EURO

(deposit is the first 200Euro, paid at time of order)



overall softness

So comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it.


Also very comfortable, but not like the Simple.


Texture of the skin

Soft skin like feel

Soft skin like feel

Internal lubrication

and free movement of skin over internal parts

includes the lubrication valve so you can ad lube under the skin.

The valve also allows excess air to exit from under the skin (important for when air pressure changes - high/low altitude. For example: airplane travel)




Scrotum and penis



STP compatible

Comes with a JetP and connection piece.


see STP



see STP


Attachment methods

All Methods

see Attachment Methods

All methods

see Attachment Methods


in detail

two 3D free moving silicone testicles, realistic hardness in the thin and lubricated scrotum sack

One 3D free moving silicone testicle, realistic hardness.

The right testicle though is also the pump. It is hollow, but keeps it’s shape unless squeezed.

Both testicles are in the thin and lubricated scrotum sack.


in detail

gel filled, very soft

The penis skin is very thin.

The skin has more translucency - added colour depth.

No visible veins

No erection capability.

The internal shaft parts are soft and/or small, but they are in the flaccid penis. The flaccid penis feels soft and realistic enough to the touch and for comfort, but is not as soft as the Simple.


The penis skin is thicker than that of the Simple, because it needs to stretch to erection.

When the penis is erect, the veins protrude so that you can feel them as well as see them clearly. When flaccid,  the veins are subtle and not felt.

The erection is solid and firm to the touch and the penis skin moves on the erection.


For general info see pigments


The penis shaft and glans skin is more translucent than with the Phase4 = more colour undertones.

For general info see pigments


Added colour shows at erection:  blue veins are more prominent.

Erektion function



Stimulation Knob



Swim valve

Not needed

Yes – so no water enters the internal parts when you swim or bathe. The valve is fast and easy to open and close.


Expected to last longer than the Phase4 because it has no small parts which need to function and isn’t stretched to erection. Also less rubbing/ less action than with the Phase4.


Wear and tear likely to be faster than with a t2 Simple

(because of the erection function and use).


see t2 Simple

see t2 phase4

Order Process is the same for both models.

Final payment must be paid one month before estimated ship date. In the case of the Simple prosthesis, usually that means payment must be made one month after ordering.