Attachment Methods

Each prosthesis can be attached with adhesive, or with the band (with or without band+). When you receive your prosthesis, you can test all methods and decide which you prefer.

Method 1:   Medical Adhesive

t2 prostheses are designed for optimal adhesion with medical adhesive.

Note:  It is likely that adhesive will work for you, even if it didn’t work with other prostheses you might have tried. Some prosthesis are made with materials which are not compatible with adhesive. Others are simply too stiff to allow for adhesion. (If a prosthesis is one solid piece, then a push against the scrotum or penis will push the entire prosthesis away from your body and the prosthesis can’t stay attached - t2 prostheses are soft and malleable. The internal parts move separately within the lubricated skin.


For more information on attaching with medical adhesive see Adhesives

As many know, adhesive can be annoying, unreliable and messy - for some it doesn't work at all. That is why I’ve integrated the band method(s)

Method 2:    The Band

Note:  Many assumed the band won’t work ... - when finally tested it, were very pleased. 

A Phase3 Prosthesis (design stage August 2014) with band connected

t2 prostheses are equipped to be held in place with a secure and minimal jockstrap style band.
With the band, your prosthesis stays attached and there’s no need to remove the prosthesis ever.

Note: the band attachment method for sex:  lower your underwear but keep them on. Place the waistband of your underwear between your scrotum and penis – this keeps the prosthesis firmly enough in place against your body.

The Band is worn like a ‘jock strap’ - the prosthesis as the ‘cup’ - held comfortably and securely to the body.

The minimalist design makes it as unnoticeable as possible.

The band is a soft, thin, translucent, swim (water, chlorine, salt and sweat) safe, very durable elastic which does not tug on body hairs or chafe skin.

The elastic waistband passes through the top of the prosthesis ‘U Plate’, and two elastic leg- bands are connected under the scrotum at the ends of the ‘U-plate’ pass under the legs and up to the waistband.

The prosthesis includes the connection parts, a pack of the elastic and detailed instructions. 

Method 3: The Band+

The band method + two small elastic bands to hold the prosthesis tight against the pelvis. The elastic bands are connected to the band, the prosthesis, and a small bit of pubic hair. The prosthesis stays directly in place on the body.*

This may sound strange, it may sound painful - but it isn't. I tested various hair-attach ideas for 3 years before making this method public in October 2015. Since then all prostheses have included the connections for the Band+ attachment method.

How it works

A simple small hair elastic is attached to the band under the prosthesis plate. The elastic passes through a connection on the plate and twisted on a small bit of pubic hair and the band**. As the hair grows, you can pull the hair through to tighten the connection. It doesn't need to be removed. The system is fairly camouflaged as the elastic is under the hair close to the skin.

*For sex, you're likely to still need 'the band attachment method for sex' noted above. This system keeps the top plate of the prosthesis in place, but the prosthesis base can still fall forward and side to side. This method is great for daily wear and sport, but still not perfect for sex.

**Attach according to instructions - otherwise you may damage the prosthesis and your skin.


Method 4:   Other methods are still in the early testing stage - i.e not yet public.