Pricing and Tax

All payments must be paid in EURO.

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Current pricing

Phase4                                                         1355€   

Simple                                                            720€

NOTE:  Applicable taxes and customs fees are not included in the price. Details here below *

Postage for the prosthesis is included.

Pigment service is included.

Adhesive is not sold by t2 prosthetics, must be purchased separately, and is not included.


*Taxes and Fees

t2 prosthetics is located in Germany. 

Orders to be shipped within the European Union (including Germany)


On your invoice will be the amount noted on this site plus 7% MwSt (Germany's Value Added Tax for medical devices).

You pay the price noted on this website + 7% tax.

You will have no other taxes or fees to pay.

t2 prosthetics is required to collect 7% Value Added Tax (MwSt) on all EU payments.

Your package will not go through customs and you will not be charged any additional taxes or fees from your country.


Orders to be shipped outside of the EU

You pay the amount noted on this website.

You do not pay the 7% tax.

On your invoice will be the amount noted on this site.

You may have country specific taxes or fees to pay to your country when the package is imported into your country. 

t2 prosthetics does not collect any taxes on orders sent outside of the European Union.

Your package will go through customs and taxes and/or fees (GST, VAT etc.) where applicable, will be charged and collected by your country.

Note: The prostheses are registered medical devices. Medical devices are often taxed at a lower rate than regular consumer goods. (For example: in Germany regular VAT is 19%, but for medical devices it is 7%).